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B Movie Man Contributing
Writer- Eric Brooks- takes a look
at the 2015 Lexington Comic and
Toy Convention!
Four years ago a new convention sprung up in Lexington that provided a venue for geeks in Kentucky and beyond to fly their flags proudly. That convention attracted about 4,000 people in its first year and last year topped 19,000. Clearly it has found fertile ground in Lexington in which to plant the geek flag. This year, the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention returned March 13-15 and was looking to be bigger and better than ever.

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It's been a great year for horror in the gaming world. Between Outlast, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, The Evil Within, and P.T, masochistic gamers everywhere are discovering just how wonderfully sadistic game developers can be. However, between all the gore, suspense, mystery, and pants-shitting, there is only one game this year that's delivers shivers of sheer terror, and nerdy ecstasy. That game, is Alien Isolation...


The Horror Film Survival Crate-

What You Need To Make It To The Credits!

Halloween is coming up. Samhain, the time when the barriers between our world and the world of the dead are the thinnest. In other words, it’s my favorite time of year! I love this season with all of its strange traditions and interesting customs. It’s also a great time to watch scary movies! Whether they are Universal horror classics like “Dracula”, Hammer horror like “The Curse of the Wolfman” or something more modern like “Trick’r Treat”, it’s hard to go wrong with a good scary movie for the scariest of seasons.

With horror films in mind, B-Movie Man accepted a challenge from the folks at Man Crates. They asked me what I thought should go in a crate designed to help you survive a horror film? A simple question, but one that leads to another, more important question. What horror film would you need to survive?


7th signs

Musings on Scarefest 7

By: Eric Brooks, Contributing Author

In September 2007 a new phenomenon occurred in the Bluegrass, one that has since become a fall staple enjoyed by thousands. In that year paranormal expert Patti Starr and horror enthusiast Jeff Waldridge brought forth the Scarefest horror and paranormal convention. By fusing the two Waldridge and Starr created a unique show with broad appeal. Over the seven years it has been held, the show has grown and improved and become one of the largest of its kind going.


Adorable Alli the Cosplay Cutey is back!

She's taking a look at the anime "Mirai Nikki" (Future Diaries). Check out the new review and see what B-Movie Man's favorite Cosplayer has to say about this unusual anime!

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This week in the B-Movie Clubhouse; Vince, Mary, Juan and I check out some awesome 80s Ninja Action with Sho Kosugi in
"Revenge of the Ninja"

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In 2013, Sony released a new game exclusively for the PS3 system. On the surface “The Last of Us” was a fairly standard “post-apocalypse-infected-humans-mission based shooter” like many before it. However, the game stood out, not so much because of its graphics, which were extremely good, or for the game play itself, which was challenging and enjoyable, but again similar to other entries in the genre. What made “The Last of Us” a truly unique and outstanding gaming experience was the story. Now the folks at Naughty Dog Games who made the original have released a supplemental downloadable game addition called
“The Last of Us: Left Behind”

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Actress Jessica Cameron has been busy both in front of and behind the camera as she tries on the director's hat for her new film
"Truth or Dare"

B-Movie Man catches up with her just in time for the holidays to find out more about her new movie, her thoughts on the film industry and why she believes it may be easier for women to direct low-budget horror films....
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The apocalypse makes for some good gaming. Alien invasion, zombie outbreaks, what have you - they create the perfect environment for a lone protagonist, or band of protagonists in some cases, struggling to cross a ruined landscape to reach some goal to survive, and maybe even defeating the menace that destroyed the land. Naughty Dog Games, in conjunction with Sony, have taken that genre one step further with their recently released

“The Last of Us”.


I’ve watched a lot of bad movies; anyone who knows me knows that’s a fact. However, I’m a firm believer that no one sets out to make a bad movie. The director isn’t shouting “You’re trying too hard, act more wooden!” and the writer wasn’t trying to make dialogue that sounds like it came from the inside of a bubblegum wrapper. But it still happens. Films like “Werewolf”, “The Final Sacrifice” and “Manos: The Hands of Fate” didn’t just form from the nebulous social subconscious. Someone wrote them, directed them and actors… or at least people who appear on camera, showed up and said their lines. So bad films happen and there are many who say that “Troll 2” tops the list.
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B-Movie Man is starting a new feature series!
Contributing writer and Alt Model Adorable Alli talks about Cosplay costumes and how to make them! Check out the first in her series. In this column Alli talks wigs, where to get them and how to make them look the way you want without selling the farm to do it!

Filmmaker Brian Cunningham shares the secret of indie film success in his feature article:
How to Make a Movie (and get it into Walmart) for $2,700


Some of the biggest names in Hollywood including, Steven Spielberg, John Landis, Peter Jackson, and many more will all tell you who inspired them when they went to the movies: Ray Harryhausen. Harryhausen was a pioneer in the field of special effects, lending his magical touch to films like: "Mighty Joe Young", "20 Million Miles to Earth", "The Valley of Gwangi" and the original "Clash of The Titans"

Now a new documentary by writer/director Gilles Penso takes a look at the story of Ray Harryhausen. Spanning his career and talking to the filmmaker's he's inspired. "Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan" takes a wonderful look at the life and work of one of the true legendary artists of the silver screen.


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