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Lonely Werewolf Girl (2007)

-Review by Nic Brown-

Family. The word means different things to different people. For some, family is the group of people you turn to first in times of trouble. For some, it is the folks who are there for you when no one else is. For Kalix MacRinnalch, family is that group of Scottish werewolves who’ve ordered your death and are relentlessly pursuing you through the streets of London.

Author Martin Millar’s book, “Lonely Werewolf Girl”, takes the reader on a fast paced journeyinto the world of the MacRinnalch Clan. The most powerful clan of werewolves in Great Britain, most of them make their home in the ancestral castle on a huge estate in Scotland. Kalix, the youngest daughter of the Clan’s leader, is on the run for an attack on her father, the Thane. Her mother, while showing some love for her, is more concerned about the political opportunities the attack opens up for her two sons, the powerful, warrior Sarapen and his cunning, cross-dressing, younger brother Markus. The two brothers are struggling for the Thaneship and the conflict threatens to tear the clan apart. The last of the MacRinnalch children, the eldest daughter Thrix, has no interest in the political struggle or the welfare of her younger sister. She is more worried about her fashion design business and keeping her friend (and best customer) the fire elemental Queen Malveria in the latest fashions.

Just when it looks like Kalix will die alone on the streets of London, she meets a couple of college students named Daniel and Moonglow. The pair of well meaning, but naive humans take her in and try to help her, even though it puts them at odds with a supernatural world that they know little about.

“Lonely Werewolf Girl” is a fast paced supernatural thriller that is filled with equal parts action and comedy. Millar introduces a host of characters and makes the world of the supernatural seem like the world of Jerry Springer crossed with a daytime soap opera. We see a host of human conditions played out in the supernatural world, featuring everything from cross-dressing and eating disorders to drug addiction and unrequited love. So if you want a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you laugh out loud, check out Martin Millar’s “Lonely Werewolf Girl”. You may find the supernatural and mundane are more alike than one might ever imagine, especially when it comes to what not to wear!


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