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“The Angry Filmmaker’s Survival Guide”- By Kelley Baker

A Practical Guide to Filmmaking That Anyone Can Read!

-Review by Nic Brown-

The first thing I will tell you is that I am not a filmmaker. I haven’t been to film school and I couldn’t tell you the difference between a grip truck and an ice cream truck (except maybe by the music). So I wasn’t sure what to expect when I picked up Kelley Baker’s “The Angry Filmmaker’s Survival Guide”. I enjoy films and over the past few years I’ve become more involved in the independent filmmaking scene through my writing for various websites. So, after hearing Baker speak at an event, I decided to give his book a try.

Did I mention that I’m not a filmmaker? That’s important here because I was expecting the book to be well over my head. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t. Baker uses anecdotes from his own 20 plus years in the film industry to bring the guide to life. When he offers “do’s” and “don’ts”, Baker isn’t repeating something someone else told him, he’s telling you what happened to him. That includes the lessons he learned about film financing and how making his first feature film cost him his house!


Because the guide is enjoyable and informative to read for someone outside the filmmaking business, doesn’t mean that it didn’t contain a wealth of technical advice that indie filmmakers can use. The book covers a wide range of technical topics including: what media to film your project on, why your audio should be recorded separately, editing, credits, music, sound effects, and even location scouting and when you do, don’t or may need to get a permit.


The bottom line is that “The Angry Filmmaker’s Survival Guide” is a book that anyone with a love for movies can read and enjoy. If that love of film happens to extend to making movies as well as watching them, then all the better. There is a wealth of knowledge cleverly tucked inside the humorous and often poignant tale of Kelley Baker’s experiences making movies. After reading this book his moniker “The Angry Filmmaker” makes perfect sense to me. Check it out! 

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