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-Review by Nic Brown-

What do you get when you mix a five hundred year old, time traveling witch, Goth girls, some pompom carrying cheerleaders, and one conveniently placed, woodcutting power tool? If you said the last Southern Baptist Convention, you might not be far off, but the correct answer is CHAINSAW CHEERLEADERS.


CHAINSAW CHEERLEADERS follows Dawn (Michele Grey), a troubled teen with a penchant for Goth dress, who is forced to go to cheerleader camp as part of her rehabilitation after she breaks her cheating boyfriend’s nose. Cheerleading camp isn’t exactly over populated; the entire squad consists of three blondes: Bambi (Misty Marie), Chassy (Jackey Hall) and Jessica (Rabecca Lee). Plus the camp has only one coach and takes place in a public park, but that just adds to the ‘B Movieness’ of it all. The three seem to accept Dawn, if for no other reason than to have someone to torment, and soon the four of them are off to sell magazine subscriptions door to door to raise money for the squad.


Unfortunately for the cheerleaders, they come to a house where a modern day witch is trying to resurrect Lucinda (Scream Queen Tiffany Shepis), a witch burned to death five hundred years before. Dawn fights off the minions of the witch with a chainsaw and witnesses a sacrifice that precipitates Lucinda’s return. Now Lucinda is out for more sacrificial blood and a bit of evil sport with Dawn.


CHAINSAW CHEERLEADERS is the kind of film that most likely started with the title and went from there. Of course most people who pick up a film called CHAINSAW CHEERLEADERS are not looking for GONE WITH THE WIND. The film delivers what the title implies - girls in cheerleader outfits with plenty of chainsaws, blood, and sex. Although the story itself is fairly weak, the film does have a lot of humorous moments, especially when Goth girl Dawn interacts with the overly peppy cheerleading squad. Look for Scream Queen Debbie Rochon, who appears as Dr. Lacey, the school counselor that thinks cheerleading camp is the cure for Dawn’s anti-social behavior. B Movie favorite Jim O’Rear also makes a brief, but funny appearance in the film. If you’re looking for a film with fantastic acting, an intense story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and amazing special effects, then check out the James Bond film QUANTUM OF SOLACE. If you want to catch a few buckets of blood and gore, enjoy some campy but entertaining dialogue, and watch girls in cheerleader outfits fight an evil witch, then check out CHAINSAW CHEERLEADERS. The title says it all!


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