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Doomed To Consume (2006)

NFTS Productions (Not For The Squeamish) bills itself as Minnesota’s independent horror film group. They have a stable of films that cover a lot of ground in the horror genre. “Doomed To Consume” is their latest offering and in this they delve into the familiar horror ground of the zombie apocalypse.

The film starts out well after the zombie plague has started. The viewer is introduced to Tracy Loomis (Nicole Blessing), a woman surviving on her own anyway she can as society has crumbled. As food and water begin running out in the farmhouse where she is hold up (there is almost always someone hold up in a farm house in these films) she meets and reluctantly joins a small group of survivors heading for the supposed safety of a distant farm.

The film was made on a shoestring budget, but this doesn’t hamper the story as the film makers used a rural setting to cut down on the need for more expensive and presumably zombie filled locals. The acting is pretty good, with Nicole conveying the troubled nature of her character who has to deal with all the things she’s had to do to survive. We also see the film makers’ creativity in their use of gore and make up effects.

If you’re looking for the traditional hordes of zombies besieging the principle characters, you won’t find much of that in “Doomed To Consume”. However, if you enjoy zombie horror, “Doomed To Consume” does deliver the gore and a few surprises. My biggest complaint was the sound quality of the version I viewed, often the actors’ voices were difficult to hear, especially in some of the outdoor scenes, but considering the constraints the film makers were working under with the budget, this can be easily forgiven.

In the end I liked the film, it showed creativity and originality on the part of the film makers and it delivered the gore one would expect for a company called “Not For The Squeamish” Productions. Check out “Doomed To Consume” for yourself if you have the chance, it’s an entertaining entry into the zombie horror market.

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