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Slither (2006)
-Review by Nic Brown-

Director James Gunn has taken a page from classic Sci-Fi/Horror with his latest project “Slither”. The film is set in the small town of Wheelsy Alabama during the annual dear hunting festival and plays up the setting for a lot of laughs without going over the edge with stereotypes.


Trouble starts when Grant Grant (Micheal Rooker) the town’s resident “high roller” stumbles upon something slithering along in the woods after a meteor lands nearby. Grant takes the classic approach of poking it with a stick and becomes the center of an invasion by an alien organism that moves from planet to planet devouring all life and moving on… much like a girl I dated in college.


The film might be billed as the love story from hell as Grant’s love for his wife Starla (Elizabeth Banks) battles with the alien entity within him. The alien needs hosts, but the part of it that was Grant is keeping it from harming Starla. As Grant becomes less human, will love prevail? This conflict is pivotal to the plot and provides the backdrop for one of the strangest love scenes I have ever seen.


The town sheriff Bill Pardy (Nathon Fillion from Serenity) is the wise cracking ex love still holding a torch for Starla. Fillion is perfect for this role and plays it up well coming across as sympathetic, not wussy.


One of the real treats is the alien threat itself. The organism is well thought out and complex and the threats range from being killed outright by Grant’s mutated self, to being impregnated with slugs or turned into a zombie-like drone by the same slugs getting into your body through your mouth. If you like your horror movies gory, this is the one for you. Tons of blood, exploding bodies, acid spitting, slime, naked fat guys, you name it.


Pay attention when you see the film for a lot of little sci-fi references and in-jokes and also keep your eyes open for James Gunn paying tribute to the man who helped him get started, Lloyd Kaufman of Troma pictures.


I’m glad I got to see this one in the theater, and it is a definite must for the horror fan’s DVD collection. I give Slither 8 out of 10.

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