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-Review by Nic Brown-

Being an artist is a life’s pursuit that requires passion, dedication and talent. Unfortunately, the same qualities that often give artists their unique talents can sometimes make them just a little crazy. Van Gogh cut off his ear over a woman and Salvador Dali was rumored to eat his own excrement upon occasion. In his film UNHOLY REUNION, writer/director Ric McCloud introduces us to a new artist, Adkov Telmig. Telmig discovers that his wife Monica (Rachel Grubb) is having an affair. He dispatches her and her lover with a pick ax and then finds his true artist’s calling: skinning his victims and using their flesh as canvasses for his work. He goes on a killing spree that takes countless lives, but is finally caught and put away for life with no possibility of parole.

Twenty years later State Supreme Court Justice Daniel Davis, the man responsible for putting Telmig behind bars, is having a party for his daughter Rebecca (Jessica S. Lange) and her fiancée who have both just graduated from law school. Justice Davis and his wife have to leave the party but Jessica and her friends carry on without them. Unfortunately for them, Adkov Telmig has escaped from prison and is heading straight for the Davis home, bent on resuming his artistic pursuits, with a new generation of victims as material. Is revenge Telmig’s only reason for coming to the Davis home, or is there a darker secret that has drawn him there? Rebecca and her friends may not live long enough to find out.


Writer/Director Ric McCloud brings some interesting twists to the standard slasher film with his artistic killer who at one point explains to a victim what a beautiful work of art she will soon become. McCloud doesn’t skimp on the plot, which has a number of twists and turns in it to keep things interesting. UNHOLY REUNION also has a surprising amount of martial arts action in it as one of Rebecca’s friends, Scott (played by the film’s fight choreographer, Jarrod Crooks), takes on Telmig in an attempt to save himself and his girlfriend from the killer. This film also has the distinction of having the most “Women of Horror” featured actresses appearing in it as Rachel Grubb, Nicole Blessing, Scarlet Salem and Nicola Fiore all either have featured or cameo roles. Blessing is particularly good as Liz, Rebecca’s drug using friend who has a knack for survival.


UNHOLY REUNION does suffer from some of the most common problems for independent film including occasional issues with the audio and while most of the acting is first rate, there were a few times when the characters just don’t interact well. With all that said, UNHOLY REUNION is definitely worth watching. McCloud has a good eye for the camera and in the film’s opening uses transitions between black and white and color filming to help create a memorable scene and set the tone for the whole movie. McCloud also gives the ending its own special feature that will leave the audience wondering. So check out Ric McCloud’s UNHOLY REUNION and just hope that life doesn’t imitate art for you!

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