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-Interview by Nic Brown-


With her exotic looks and winning smile it would be easy for actress Jackeline Olivier to build a career around playing the classic Latina beauty. But that isn’t the road Jackeline chooses to travel. Best known for playing Vicky, the self-centered junkie from DAY OF THE DEAD 2: CONTAGIUM and Rita, the sadistic prison guard in WEREWOLF IN A WOMEN’S PRISON, Jackeline looks for challenging roles with complex characters both in films and in her first love, the theatre.


Described by colleagues as a “passionate pursuer of the dramatic arts”, Jackeline brings her energy and love of acting to the stage and screen. She has also started working behind the camera, taking on the role of producer for a number of films she’s also appeared in. Now Jackeline is talking to B Movie Man Nic Brown about her work in film, her love of the theatre, and why playing an evil prison guard was a liberating experience for her!


Nic - Jackeline, you have quite a diverse resume that includes movies, television, theater and voice over work. How did you get your start in acting?


Jackeline - My first acting experience was a school play when I was 10 years old. Everybody liked it so much; they encouraged me to become an actress. Growing up in the south of Brazil, there weren’t a lot acting opportunities, but when I was old enough I quit my job and moved to Sao Paulo to pursue my dream. There, I went to acting school, worked on some commercials, TV shows, films and plays before coming to the U.S...


Nic - What do you find to be the most challenging part of acting in film?


Jackeline - The fact that there is little rehearsal, due to time and budget. Also, unlike theatre you do the same scene over and over again and must keep the same intensity and continuity.

Nic - So which do you prefer, working in film or theater?

Jackeline - I come from a theatrical background and that makes theatre my first love.
However, I’ve been focusing on films lately, but I won't turn down a great role on a stage production.

Nic - You’ve been in a number of horror films including WEREWOLF IN A WOMEN’S PRISON and DAY OF THE DEAD 2: CONTAGIUM. Do you enjoy working in the horror genre and would you ever want to be a “Scream Queen”?


Jackeline - Yes, I enjoy it a lot. I’ve actually done more comedy and drama than horror movies. However, I’ve become known for my leading role in CONTAGIUM and most people think that's all I’ve done. I've been offered more roles in the genre, but right now I’m looking to get involved with more dramatic projects, that offer more challenge and character depth. I am already labeled a “Scream Queen"; in fact there are some websites out there that list me as one of "Hollywood’s Scream Queens"….


Nic - Since your role in CONTAGIUM is what you’ve become known for, can you tell us a little about that role?

Jackeline - I played a mental patient who was a cunning, evil junkie and hated everybody.
She wasn’t a very likable person; her mission was to make everybody around her as miserable as she.


Nic - I understand that you had to work with two directors on that film. What do you think was your biggest from challenge having two directors on one project?


Jackeline - It was a unique experience. Every director has their own style, but if you know your character well, you just adapt and take directions.


Nic - What are your thoughts on the portrayal of women in horror?


Jackeline - Women have always been exploited in this genre as the screaming victim, who runs around topless or naked before being killed. That’s the formula - it works and it sells. However, the formula is changing, lately we see the “Hero Girl” kicking ass, killing the monster and saving the day.


Nic - Do you have any desire to step behind the camera as a writer or director of your own project?


Jackeline - I’ve directed and produced a short film and a few one act plays. It was a good experience. I may do it again, but acting is my calling. In regards to writing, I can tell somebody what to write, but writing is not my forte. This could change someday when I slow down and take the time to do it.


Nic - What are some of your favorite films and have they influenced you as an actress?  


Rita (Jackeline Olivier) meets a WEREWOLF IN A WOMEN'S PRISON

Jackeline - Gosh, they are so many, but here are some of them: GONE WITH THE WIND, FALLING IN LOVE, THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY, SOPHIE’S CHOICE, MONSTER, GIA, and BOYS DON’T CRY. They’ve influenced me deeply; these are great films with compelling stories and amazing actresses. You just want to be talented and brilliant like them.

Nic - Can you tell us anything about your current film projects?


Jackeline - I’ve been in talks with the producers of two action-crime projects, that’s all I can say for now, but my latest film, a romantic comedy called FLICK’S CHICKS (in which I starred and executive produced), is in the distribution process. It should be available on DVD very soon.

Nic - One of my favorite roles of yours was your work in WEREWOLF IN A WOMEN'S PRISON. Can you tell us what it was like working on that film?

Jackeline - It’s one of my favorites too. I had a blast working on that film; the crew and cast were great. It was a liberating experience; I had no idea that playing a sadistic lesbian prison guard would be that much fun. I really enjoyed torturing and whipping the female prisoners J.


Nic - When you're not making movies, what does Jackeline Olivier do for fun?


Jackeline - I’m not a party animal, but I enjoy going to the movies, theater, restaurants with great food, traveling to exotic and mystic places, riding my bicycle, and sometimes I just stay at home reading a good book or watching a movie.

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