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Jessica Cameron Part Deux!

-Interview by Nic Brown-

(Photos courtesy of Jessica Cameron and Truth of Dare the Movie)


A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing actress Jessica Cameron for my Women of Horror series. Talented and ambitious, Jessica impressed me with her work as an actress and her determination to make it in the film industry. One of the questions I asked was “Would you like to step behind the camera?”

At the time Jessica said she was focusing on her acting, but would love to direct if she had the opportunity. Jessica’s drive has paid off. Recently she went behind the camera in more ways than one. On the new feature film “Truth or Dare” Jessica calls on all of her talents, not only playing a lead role in the film, but as co-writer, producer, and most impressive of all, as the movie’s director!

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to talk with Jessica about her directorial debut and to find out why she thinks it may be easier for a woman to direct low budget horror films.

Nic: Jessica, it’s good to talk with you again. It seems that you’ve been pretty busy since we did our last feature a couple of years ago. How are you doing?

Jessica: Yes, I have been blessed to be working very steadily in front of the camera and have gotten some great offers to work behind the camera as well. The first opportunity that I took to assist behind the camera was co-writing “Truth or Dare”.

Nic: Your acting resume has grown at a phenomenal rate but I understand you’re about to add a new title to your list of achievements: director! Can you tell us about the path to directing your first feature film?

Jessica: Honestly it was not planned. I originally co-wrote the film with the intent to star in and produce it. My team and I had a shortlist of directors that I wanted for the film, and when we approached them, half could not do it according to our timeline (which would mean we would have to push all the dates and re-cast some actors) and the other half wanted to "tone down" the graphic nature of the content. We didn't like either option so one of my producers suggested that I direct it and, fortunately for me, my team encouraged the idea.

Nic: What is “Truth or Dare” about and what other hats are you wearing for this production?

Jessica: Truth or Dare centers around a group of friends who get over night internet fame with their online channel. It’s all fun and games till their number one fan wants to play. I co-wrote the script with producer Jon Higgins, and produced, directed and starred in it. It was a lot of hats to wear.




Nic: As a first time director, what do you feel is the biggest challenge you are facing?

Jessica: As a first time director, it’s really hard to get people to take you seriously, especially as a first time director of an indie film. There is a lot of stigma that surrounds it. But I am a fighter and I have had to fight for years to be taken seriously as an actress (and honestly there are still some who don't take me seriously) so I just fought as hard as a director as I do every day as an actress. For me the most difficult challenge was all the hats I had to are in a different mindset as a producer, as a director, as an actress; it was hard to jump back and forth.

Nic: On the other side of that coin, what are you most excited about when you think of being the one who says “action”?


Jessica: Honestly – it’s knowing that I have the power to really ROCK THIS FILM. Too often as an actress I will see the end product sometimes years later and wonder why the film wasn't properly color corrected, why the sound design is poor, etc. Since I am in charge on this one I can make sure that it meets my professional standards for an indie film. And I also worked really hard to ensure that it didn't sit and not get worked on. Post production started the day after we wrapped and we worked really hard to make sure that from the first day of pre-production to the finished film in hand was less than a year.

Nic: Do you feel that there were any particular challenges you faced as a woman directing a horror film?

Jessica: Not at all. Actually I think it’s easier to be a women directing a low budget film than it is for a man. I had all these wonderful friends who have offered to help me however I needed it and according to my male indie film director friends they don't get the same offers. SO many people are in your corner as an intelligent woman; it’s a blessing.




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