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-Interview by Nic Brown-


The SAW franchise has been going strong now for six films. Every Halloween since 2004 the killer Jigsaw has returned to play his games with hapless victims. Now actress, model and musician Jon Mack is ready to play as she joins the series in SAW VI. Of course there is more going on in this multitalented performer’s world than just solving Jigsaw puzzles; she’s got two new films coming out on the SyFy channel and her band, Auradrone, is shaking things up musically with their album Whitelite Britelite. Now Jon takes some time out of her film and music career to talk about some her new projects, how she feels the internet has changed things in the music business, and why you may find her down at the gun range choosing between her Glock and a shotgun!


Nic - Jon, you're in the newest installment in the SAW franchise: SAW VI. How does it feel to work on what has become a staple in the modern horror genre?


Jon - It was an honor to become part of this team and franchise. I never realized how much of a following or how sacred the series was to its fans until I became part of it... it's truly exciting!


Nic - I know you can't say much about what happens in the film, but could you tell us a little about your character in SAW VI?

Jon - She's a bit similar to the Amanda character in many ways... her lifestyle. That's the most I can say right now ;)

Nic - You're also working on a new project for the SyFy channel aren't you?


Jon - Yes, I have completed 2 films for SyFy this year. One is called MONGOLIAN DEATH WORMS and the other is titled UNEARTHED. Both will be released in 2010


Nic - MONGOLIAN DEATH WORMS sounds exciting. Can you tell us about that film and your role in it?


Jon - I play Steffi, a Doctor Without Borders in Mongolia. I'm working to help the villagers while figuring out what's making them sick. The film is quite similar to the film Tremors from the 80's in that we battle giant murderous worms

Nic - What about UNEARTHED, can we dig up something on that one?


Jon - UNEARTHED involves the jungle and an ancient curse which an unwitting team of explorers stumble upon while searching for treasure. It has some similarities to Ruins which came out a couple of years ago


Nic - Some people believe that horror films objectify women. As an actress who's worked in the genre, what are your thoughts about that?


Jon - It depends on which films you mean. I can definitely see that in some, especially the classics where the topless girl gets it right through the chest. I think anime objectifies women much more in general. I enjoy both as a woman but there are examples where it does go a bit too far. Personally, I haven't had trouble with that in my own roles but I also won't be playing a sex crazed co-ed who gets butchered for the sake of gore mixed with T & A.

Nic - In addition to your work as an actress you're also a musician. Your band, Auradrone, just released a new album. Can you tell us about this aspect of your career?


Jon - I have been doing music for many years now and it's always gone in tandem with my acting. I feel like I'm a creative person all around so it's not unusual for me to delve into more than one avenue. I am EXTREMELY passionate about making music and I love the whole process from writing to recording to playing shows. There's nothing else like it in the world!


Nic - So what kind of music does Auradrone play?


Jon - It's a hybrid of electronic dance and post modern rock, definitely a blend.

Nic - So how did you get your start as an actress?


Jon - I started on stage when I was five. My mother directed college and high school theater and did everything from musicals to Shakespeare to comedy. I was always around it so it felt like second nature to follow that path.


Nic - What do you feel is your biggest challenge when taking on a new role?


Jon - The challenge is bringing enough of your own self and life experience to a role to breathe life into the character while simultaneously stepping outside yourself to become (literally) someone else... where do the lines blur? Being truthful in every moment is a challenge and also very rewarding.


Nic - On the flip side of that, what do you like best about acting?

Jon Mack in SAW IV (Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate)


Jon - I like the fact that it IS a challenge... an amazingly fun challenge at times. I love that I can step into a parallel universe and lose myself momentarily.

Nic - When you're not acting or playing with Auradrone, what do you like to do for fun?


Jon - I love to travel and horseback ride. I'm also known to enjoy going to the range to blow off some steam :)


Nic - OK, I have to ask. When you go to the range, what are you using?


Jon - A 357 is my personal piece, but I also love Glocks and 9mm in general...sometimes shotguns are a welcome change too!

Nic - Have you ever wanted to step behind the camera and direct or write your own feature?


Jon - I've thought about it before and it's something I wouldn't be opposed to doing. I love all aspects of artistic creation and think directing would be a lot of work but also very rewarding. never say never, as they say....


Nic - As someone in both the music and film industry, how do you feel the internet and new technologies like that are affecting these media?


Jon - Well, as far as music goes... there's no more music biz in the sense of what it used to be. Artists now don't make $$ selling physical CDs. It forces the artist to get more creative with generating buzz and making an income. Everyone downloads these days and people share... that's just the reality. The smart ones think outside the box. You have to build a brand these days and not just rely on the typical path. At the same time, I'm VERY excited with the possibilities. It gives more control to the creators who want to make their own art and post it online for all to see... it's really up to us now and I love that aspect of it.

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