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-Interview by Nic Brown-

Megan Franich at the 2009 Fright Night Film Festival in Louisville, KY

Whether you’re a fan of horror or fantasy films, if you’ve been to the movies lately you may have seen Megan Franich. You may not recognize her right away though; in her most famous role as Iris the vampire in 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, a team of make-up and special effects artists spent a lot of time making her look more like a monster than the dark haired beauty she is. Of course that hasn’t stopped horror and comic enthusiasts from recognizing her. Sitting at her table at the 2009 Fright Night Film Festival in Louisville, KY, Megan has a steady stream of fans. Some bring copies of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, comic books, action figures, all different types of film and comic memorabilia that they want to have signed. Whatever the case, Megan makes time to talk with them, pose for a picture and make them feel welcome.


During a rare lull in the action, Megan took time out to talk with B Movie Man Nic Brown about her work in film, her recent move to the United States from her home in New Zealand, and why it’s nice to do movies where she isn’t covered in fake blood or KY jelly!


Nic- Megan, you’re probably best known for your role in the film 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, can you tell us a little about your work on that film?


Megan- Well I played a character called Iris and she was a blood sucking vampire. She was very attractive too I must say! (laughing) Although I must say many wouldn’t agree.


Nic- To play Iris you had to wear quite a bit of make-up and some prosthetics; how was that for you?


Megan- It was great, WETA did the make-up. I was also working with a really amazing make-up artist named Sarah Rubano. An incredible woman and I just have so much respect and love for her. It was all fun! I mean every morning going in and just spending an hour or two with all those cool people in the make-up truck. I’d get to sit there and just listen to great music while I got my make-up done.


Nic- How long did it take them to get you ready for filming each day?


Megan- Most days it was a couple of hours, but then there was the burn sequence and that took four or five hours.


Nic- So for the filming of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT were you really out in the cold all the time?


Megan- (Laughing) No! It wasn’t real snow. It was all done on sets. Actually it was hot!


Nic- You mentioned that you’d worked on NARNIA. Can you tell us about your roles in that film?


Megan- Sure! I was a goblin and a nymph in the films so I got to play a baddy and a goody. That was a few years ago now. We were filming on the south island of New Zealand and it was just such a great experience. The make-up for that was done by KNB which is a make-up company out of L.A. and they did all of the work on me and it was a great experience.

Nic- All of the roles you’re really known for so far have involved extensive make-up and prosthetics. Are you looking to do something a little more straight forward, without the FX?


Megan- Well actually I got to play a normal person (laughing) in the last film I made before I left New Zealand. That was really nice and it was also really nice to do a film where I didn’t have fake blood or KY Jelly all over me (laughing again).


To be honest, it is the character roles that really move and inspire me because you can do so much more with them. In the future I’m not going to say I don’t want to do films with lots of prosthetics and such, but I am definitely more attracted to the character roles.

Nic- You’re actually from New Zealand, but you’ve recently moved to the U.S. How do you
like working here?


Megan- Well… I’m actually not working because I don’t have my work permit yet, it’s still being processed. We moved here because my husband got a job at UCLA. He’s a neuroscientist and we moved here about a month ago. He started working right away, but I’m still in the process of getting my work permit put through so I can start looking at some roles and it’s exciting!


Nic- Since the LORD OF THE RINGS films and other big budget productions have been filmed in New Zealand, the country’s film industry seems to be booming. How did you like working there?


Megan- Oh I love it! I mean it is my home country after all and my family is there so I’ll always have a really strong connection to New Zealand. You’re right, there have been a lot of really cool films done there. There are a lot of productions coming in from over seas, but we also have our own stuff being made too. New Zealand is a beautiful country and it is great for film work. We have amazing landscapes and amazing film crews and lots of incentives for filmmakers so it’s a wonderful place to make movies.


Nic- Do you have any interest in stepping behind the camera and writing or directing your own feature?


Megan- Absolutely! I started off in the industry as a sound technician. That’s how I got into it in the first place. So I do have a lot of experience behind the camera and in post production. As for the rest, I would like to get into directing. I’ve done a little bit of directing in New Zealand and I’ve actually written a short film that I’d like to direct. For now though, acting is definitely my passion!


Nic- You’re a guest here at the Fright Night Film Festival and this isn’t the first event you’ve been to. What are your thoughts about horror themed film festivals and conventions?


Megan- Well you’re right, I’ve been to a couple of events, but this is my first horror convention. I’ve been to a couple of comic conventions which I absolutely love because I’m such a comic fan. They’re great but I sit behind my autograph booth just itching to leave it and go explore all of the other booths. I’ve gotten to see some amazing art at some of the comic cons too.


Fright Night has been a lot of fun so far, with all the fans and the other guests. I really want to go down to the tattooing room though and see some of the artists there.


Nic- So if someone were interested in learning more about you where would they go?


Megan- Well, I have a Myspace page which has a lot of information and my music on it. You can get there at\meganfranich.


Nic- Your music on your Myspace page is great! How did you get started playing music and is that a part of your career you want to develop more?


Megan- Thank you and yes, definitely. I will be playing music for the rest of my life. I would like to record an album and have the material for it, but I don't want to rush it. It is a very important part of my life and my career.

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