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Michelle at the premiere of

"Timeserver" at the Rialto in Joliet

An actress from the Chicago land area, Michelle has been acting in theatres for over 7 years and has been working in film for the past 3 years. Multi-talented, Michelle also works behind the camera
and has interests in directing, cinematography, writing, and special effects.
Her projects include "Voices From The Graves" & "Path of the Dead"
you can learn more about Michelle on her myspace page.
Also visit Chicago Motion Picture Studios look for Michelle on their talent we manage photo page and leave her a comment!!
Now let's talk to Michelle a bit about her work and other things!

Michelle, you’ve been involved in many aspects of film making both in front of and behind the camera,
which role do you find most challenging?

Well, I have more experience in front of the camera however every aspect of film making is a challenge. In reality it takes every one equally and doing there best to pull off a great film, whether it’s set building, special effects, acting, lighting, directing, camera, and a hundred other jobs. So if I had to pick...At this point in my career acting comes more natural so I suppose the simple answer is behind the camera is more of a challenge.

Michelle on the set of "Voices From The Grave"

If you could play one character from any horror film, who would it be and why?

This is such a hard question to answer! Ha-ha. They're are so many horror film characters that I love and grew up with. Anyone from Linda Blair’s character in the "Exorcist" to the Sheri Moon-Zombies character from "House of 1000 Corpses" to even male characters like Béla Lugosi in "Dracula", there are just too many characters that I love and people I admire. However, I think I'd like to play a certain TYPE of character instead. Carol Ohmart played an evil, seductive lead as Vincent Price's wife in "House on Haunted Hill". I've always been one to cheer for the bad guy. I would love to play a character like that, innocent looking but really demented inside. :)
You play news caster Sarah Johanson in the upcoming film “Path of the Dead”, tell us something about your character and the film.

It is a fantastic Zombie film by Rottwieller productions. Fantastic makeup artist , Ricky Lee is on this project with his special talents! With out reveling too much about the film, my character, Sarah Johanson, is a new caster. All I can tell you is all the main characters are introduced into the film through Sarah. You can check out the Myspace page to find out more and keep updated.


I also understand you've worked on another horror film, "Voices From The Grave" can you tell us more about that project?

Voices is a mystery / thriller / horror type film. The plot is, a Chicago Police Detective is being investigated by the departments Internal affairs division for misconduct following his confession of ghost sightings!

It stars, Fred Williamson, William Smith, Clem Caserta, Robert Z'Dar, Ron Dean, Joey Travolta, Dustin Diamond, Tane McClure, Linnea Quigley, Joe Estevez, and me :-)
It will be out this fall and I hope to see everyone at the premier. Voices is on my top friends at my Myspace page, Stop by and say hello:-)

In addition to film you've work in theatre for a number of years, how is it different for you now working in movies instead of theatre?

For one thing you need to tone everything down for film. Another is you are playing to a live audience in a play. There are no second takes, you have to get it right the first time and, for every show. In film you can do more takes, clean things up in editing, and use the camera in certain ways to tell the story or get a point across.

The listing of your films includes Warner Brothers "Batman: Dark Knight", what is your involvement with that film?

I will be going to rehearsals in late Aug and shooting the week after. At that time my role will be given to me. Everything about the film is kind of secretive :(

That all sounds very cloak and dagger, I can’t wait to see the film, hopefully your role will be a big one! Now, staying with the Batman theme, I get the impression that you are a fan of Batman, is that correct?

Yes, all my life. I have read all the graphic novels, have all the films, old serials, animations, models, mask, TV series on DVD, etc. I even have a Catwoman costume and a Harley Quinn costume that I made when I was younger.

So Michelle, will fans of horror have a chance to meet you at any of the events coming up over the next few months?

Yes! I will be at Flashback Weekend in Chicago July 20, 21, 22

Aside from showing up to the Flashback Weekend to meet you, is there any other way fans can show some support for you and your films?

Yes, Stop by my Myspace and say hello ( )
Also friend my studios Myspace page ( Third one on my top friends ) and make sure you leave me a cool pic comment there for me. My pic can be found there under the TALENT WE MANAGE album.

Well Michelle, it was certainly a pleasure to have the
chance to talk with you and I hope you have great luck
with all your upcoming projects!

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Stop by and see Michelle's myspace page!

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